Breakout Options

You do not need to sign-up or register for these breakouts that are included in your conference registration. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Breakout Session A: Morning

Radical Community Outreach: Josh Denhart – Track: Leadership

Good Works to our community, leads to Good Will within our community, which leads to an opportunity to share the Good News with our community.  Explore new and diverse outreach strategies to “Earning the Right to Be Heard” and bring the Church back into the center of our communities.

Storytelling: Maureen Brown, Forest Grove – Track: Volunteer/Youth Volunteer

We all sense when it happens – that moment when their eyes glaze over….as they ‘disengage’. Behaviour changes, we panic a little and our storytelling turns to crowd control. Attend this session to learn how to adapt your story to engage the age level you are teaching. Not only does interactive age based storytelling keep kids engaged, it helps them retain what they’ve learned. This session will be full of practical ideas for interactive storytelling methods based on the age and spiritual development of your group.

Higher Needs. Through the Lens of Leadership and Volunteers: Dana Krushel and Amber Unger, Saskatoon, Sk – Track: Special Interest

Dana and Amber are mothers and social workers who have a passion to equip people with the tools needed to create a welcoming and loving space for all children. In this workshop we talk about how to welcome and create space for high needs children in our children’s ministry settings. From behavioural needs, to anxiety, to neuro a-typical diagnosis, we will equip you with tools that will help everyone in your setting feel welcome, loved, and seen!

Prayer Room:  Track: Everyone 

If you would appreciate prayer or encouragement, join us in the Prayer Room

Breakout Session B: Afternoon

3 R’s of Teaching: Josh Denhart – Track: Volunteer/Youth Volunteer

Learn the irrefutable and interrelated balance of the 3 most important components in our teaching: Relationship, Rigor, Relevance. Take away one of these 3 “R’s” and the learner quickly “checks out” and learning can cease

Walking Kids Through Grief: Katrina Funk and Darlene Klassen – Track: Special Interest

Darlene and Katrina will invite you into conversation about children and grief. We will discuss how to teach kids about death and learn about the stages of grief and bereavement in children. We will explore how funerals and rituals around loss impact children while talking about practical ways you can walk alongside kids as they experience grief.

Moving Toward Family Ministry: Dalmeny Bible Church – Track: Leadership

Family Ministry; what is it and why is it important? In this session we will share with you the path our church has taken towards Family Ministry; the circumstances, experiences, and strategic shifts in our thinking. We will help you evaluate where your church currently stands on the family ministry path, provide some suggestions on what the next steps could be and share stories about what we have learned along the way.

Worship:  Dawn Grunau and Justin Thomas, Cornerstone Church – Track: Special Interest

In this breakout you will get a peek into what worship looks like at Cornerstone Church and what Justin and Dawn have learned in their almost 25 combined years of leading children in worship through singing, prayer and scripture memorization.  Practically, you will learn about a variety of resources they use for music and actions as well as tips for how to increase engagement for your children during worship time.

Breakout Session C: Afternoon

Science VBS: Josh Denhart – Track: Volunteer/Leadership

Biblical Truth + Hands-On Science = Unforgettable Faith Lessons!  Tired of doing the same VBS as 5 other churches in your area?  Try a Science-Inspired, Christ-centered Vacation Bible School that easily illustrates faith, salvation, and the Kingdom of God. Leaders and kids will love these science activities! This hands-on and practical breakout is packed with science fun!

Go Big with Small Groups: Arilee Herman, Lakeview Church – Track: Volunteer/Teen Volunteer

Successful small groups provide a place where children feel like they belong, know they are valued, can ask questions, and process what they’ve experienced.  Extraordinary small groups occasionally do all of that while hopping on one foot, reciting scripture like a Marvel character and making a mess. Come discover the benefits of small groups and how to build community within the group so each child grows closer to God and their peers.

How to be a Great Preschool Volunteer: Kim Arendt, West Portal – Track: Volunteer/Youth Volunteer   

This session will provide you with information and practical tools to assist in creating an inviting and purposeful preschool program.  Geared toward both adult and youth volunteers, join this break-out session to explore and understand how to best minister to your newborn to 5-year old age group. There will be a time of question-and-answer to participate in at the end of the presentation.

How to Successfully Partner Children and Youth Ministry: Dawn Grunau and Michael Streilein, Cornerstone Church – Track: Leadership

The potential benefits of your church’s Kids and Youth ministries working together are endless.  But it also requires work and effort to build this partnership.  In this breakout, we will look at the foundational principles to partner these ministries, what is required for leaders to work together and also provide some practical suggestions for strengthening your transitions between these ministries.