Ways to Empower Your Volunteers by Michael Bayne

6 Ways to Multiply Volunteers

Volunteers & Recruitment (Tyler Rody)

#1 Pray – that may sound cliché, but I don’t care. In the C&MA, part of our DNA is that we would do nothing until we pray.

Pray that you’d have the right leaders & helpers for the jobs, positions and ministries.

Pray specifically. Trust God to provide. In fact, I want you, right now, to write down what you’re volunteer needs are.

Pray with your volunteers – for their needs, their classrooms and the families in your church. We meet to huddle up 30 min. before the service to pray.

#2 Talk to people. Don’t only trust a bulletin or email or sign up sheet or text message to do what God has empowered you to do through his Spirit. We need both. I’ve talked to other ministry people and they’re like “How come no one has signed up for my event” or “How come no one responds to my emails.” And I’m like, “Have you talked to them, in real life?” We need bulletins – Aimee has some great bulletin inserts… And we also need people

#3 Share the vision

  • There are a wide variety of ways to do this.
  • At our annual meeting, I mentioned that as our ministries are growing, we need to start a nursery so that we can participate with families as we help disciple them and their children.
  • Celebrate what God is doing. Volunteers will feel appreciated and others will want to be where God is moving. This could be the best recruitment secret. Promote “look what God’s doing”
  • Remind people why we’re doing this! “As you serve this weekend, remember that this kid has a tough home, is a disciple of Jesus, loves you…”
  • Bulletin announcements are fine. But if you or your pastor can mention the vision & need of your children’s ministry in the sermon, that’s even better. The needs & celebrations of your ministry can be powerful sermon applications.
  • Here’s one idea I’ve heard of: “If you’re in a church where kids are always downstairs, let kids come into the service and take part, something intentional, give all the kids balloons” Help people see the need.
  • If you have slides before or after the service, do your best get some RECENT kids ministry ones on there (with parent approval) and make sure the kids ministry ones rock.

#4 Say thank you – a lot.

  • I like to pick one month a year to buy muffins for the leaders & helpers to have at prayer time – this can also help to motivate them to show up on time.
  • Chocolate – “Thank you for helping our kids become smarties”

#5 Train them – if you can, “two trainings a year is golden”

  • People often ask, “how can we make policy training fun?” So we had a policy party. The content wasn’t fun, but decorations & cake set an atmosphere of “we’re going to make this a safe and fun place for God to show up”

#6 Party together – share experiences

  • Icebreaker Games, Food & fun
  • Draw for prizes every 10 min.
  • Pray together

Appreciating Volunteers (Aimee Meinema)

  • Set a Budget
  • It doesn’t Have to Cost Money
  • Spend Time with Them
  • Little Gifts Go A Long Way