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Resources Show and Tell – Nov 7, 2013

On November 7th at our monthly C-NET meeting, the topic was a resource ‘show and tell’. Children’s leaders brought different resources that they have found valuable and shared how they used them in their own ministry environment. Many different things were shared from graphics, curriculum, music and on-line resources. It was great to not only hear about the material, but to also hear how churches were actually using them. We all know that materials purposed use and their actual use can be two different things, so it was nice to hear a ‘hands on’ testimonial.

It was such a blessing to be able to share different resources with each other. There were lots of laughs, great questions and tons of chatter! I would highly recommend these CNET gatherings to anyone who wants to come and be encouraged, supported and blessed! Stay tuned for our next topic coming up…. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another ‘show and tell’ in the future!

Here is a brief overview of the different resources that were brought to show and tell. Links are included for you, if there is a certain item that piques your interest.


We had a couple different varieties of curriculum shown. One of them is called Elevate and a huge highlight was how user-friendly the content was. It was mentioned that it was very easy to give to teachers and it didn’t require a ton of prep time (which we all know is an asset). This material not only focuses on teaching children the foundations of faith in God, but also has an application element, encouraging children to take their faith out into the world. This material is made for children age 3-6 (elevate jr.) all the way up to age 12 (elevate kids). For more information, go to:


Another Curriculum shared was by Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) called “What’s in the Bible?”. This material is sold in a church edition, which includes curriculum, or just as a movie format on DVD as well. Every volume talks about a section of the bible, starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation (coming Feb. 2014). The content is wonderfully communicated with deep theological truths, yet is simple enough for young children to understand. This curriculum is geared for children in Kindergarten up to Grade 5. For more information go to:


For online resources there was mention of, a wonderful site full of resources, blogs, etc. You can also sign up for their email list and receive promotions of different products. It was through those emails that one of our leaders discovered “Legends of Faith” comics and graphics. You can purchase graphic CD’s that include still pictures of bible events, and there are also comics and graphic novels that you can purchase as well. For more information go to:


Another online resource mentioned is a great product for families and children. Phil Vischer’s company, JellyTelly, has created an on-line site that is full of Christian family activities, devotionals and tons of Christian children’s shows. For only $5 a month, you can access all of this content (some content is available for free as well) on your phone, iPod or computer (much like Netflix). For more information go to: and you check out the guide that lists the shows at this link:


And last, but not least, a music resource was shared. It was a music video DVD made by ‘The Rizers’, which is short for memorizers. This is a group that makes music, whose lyrics come directly from the bible. The songs are super catchy and repetitive so that by the end of the song you can have the verse(s) memorized. The music videos are all made in cartoon format, but are very well done and super current. It was shared that the elementary boys loved these videos. The music DVD with 10 videos on it sells for around $15, plus they have more songs on CD as well. For more information on their products go to: