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Volunteers – Get ’em, appreciate ’em and keep ’em – January 9, 2014

C-NET started the new year off with a lively discussion about Volunteers over lunch on Thursday January 9th. We definitely touched on getting ’em, appreciating ’em and keeping ’em, along with many other aspects of volunteers in our ministries. Topics covered were numerous but included:

– recruiting of volunteers each year – how and when

– ideas and suggestions for appreciating our volunteers – seasonally, yearly, big ideas and simple, little things – all with the goal of letting our volunteers know THEY MATTER

– how to keep our volunteers engaged and passionate about the areas in which they serve

– how to know when a change is needed and how to facilitate that

– what to do when things just aren’t working the way they should

Another aspect of volunteerism that we finished with was safe church polices such as Plan to Protect. There are many points for discussion on this topic and I’m sure we covered them all. Everyone had had varying experiences but all had something to share and learn.

It is always great to sit around a table with others that share your passions, your troubles and questions and learn from each other. That’s what our C-NET gatherings are all about. Come on out to our next meeting (date & topic will be posted here in the future). You’ll meet some new friends and leave feeling encouraged and a part of a bigger picture.